The Dodge Charger is Built For Challenging Terrains

The Dodge Charger has two great safety technologies for challenging terrains. One solution provides proper traction, and the other option enhances brake functions.

Dodge's All-Speed Traction Control is a tactical tool that influences wheel speed and general handling. It manages stability by providing proper pressure to the wheels during braking situations. Brake pressure management matters on rough terrain as it can stop wheel slippage and lower engine power. However, the Charger's traction control technology only decreases engine power until the tires are able to produce solid traction. Dodge's Hill Start Assist has technology that works with the braking system. If you park the Charger on a hill, this system will implement procedure to prevent reverse rolling.

While visiting Riverhead Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you can gather more information about these safety tools and other features. You can also take a short test drive in a new Dodge Charger. During the trip, you'll discover how key safety systems provide benefits on the road.



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