Spend Smarter, Not Just Less With The Dodge Durango

With the rising cost of fuel, driving is becoming increasingly expensive. Fortunately, the Dodge Durango has a variety of fuel economizing features that make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious Riverhead drivers. This popular mid-size SUV has two features specifically designed help you maximize your fuel budget.

The Durango boasts a magnificent city driving fuel mileage of 19 mpg. If you decide to hit the highway, this figure rises to an even more impressive 26 mpg. Such high fuel mileage numbers directly translate into lower fuel costs at the pump.

The Durango doesn’t just help you spend less; it gives you the tools to master more fuel-efficient driving. An on-board fuel economy alert system displays your personal fuel economy stats. This feedback can help you learn to drive more strategically. Start looking smarter at a Riverhead Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Durango test drive.



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