The Importance of a Full Gas Tank During Winter

For many drivers, the longevity of our vehicle is often a top priority. Keeping our vehicle in tip-top shape will ensure a safe and reliable commute. However, most drivers often overlook one simple routine that could save you big money in the future.

Keeping your gas tank full of fuel in the winter can prevent unwanted damage to your vehicle. When your vehicle is anything less than full, small areas of condensation develop along the interior of the tank. During the winter, the temperatures often reach a freezing point capable of freezing this condensation. Once the ice has formed, your vehicle can be at risk for major damage including a clogged, rusted or corroded fuel line.

Topping off your fuel tank may seem like a tedious task, however, avoiding unnecessary damage to your vehicle can save you in the long run. By simply following this one step, you can ensure your vehicle remains safe during the winter. Stay on top of your seasonal maintenance needs with advice from our staff at Riverhead Dodge today!<

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