How to Know if Your Headlights are Correctly Aimed

To see the road clearly while driving, your headlights should be well aimed. Also, the same help in reducing the glare you get from other drivers. A clear sign that your lights are not correctly aimed is approaching drivers blinking their lights at you as a result of your lights blinding them. Also, if your lamps are aimed too low, the road before is brightly well-lit for just about twenty feet. Riverhead Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram suggests you do the following to test your headlights aiming.

  • Park the car on a flat service and shine the lights on a wall that should be twenty-five feet ahead. The upper of the low ray shining on the wall must be at or somewhat beneath the elevation of the midpoint of the headlight lens for almost all vehicles.
  • A different way is to park the car within five feet off the wall and use masking tape in marking the horizontal and vertical midpoint of the beams on the wall. Proceed to move the vehicle twenty-five feet back; now the light rays should be around equal heights.

In case the lamps do not pass the above tests, visit Riverhead Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for proper aiming.

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