Why Fluid Service is Critical to Your Dodge

There are five common car fluids that need to be changed regularly. They include the engine oil, the transmission fluid, the power steering fluid, coolant and the brake fluid. All five fluids ensure the smooth running of the vehicle. With time, these essential fluids deteriorate in their value, making it difficult to operate the car smoothly.

All the different fluids inside of your Dodge car or SUV offer different tasks to the operations of the vehicle. While the oil offers the lubrication of the engine of your vehicle, the brake fluid assists in the braking system of the car. Notably, the service of each fluid is meant to avoid major breakdown of the parts of the vehicle that would lead to huge repair costs. For quality and expert fluid service, you should contact the Dodge service specialists right here in Riverhead, NY to have your car serviced. Do not hesitate to contact the experts for your car services!

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