Don't Skip Out On Car Washes

It can be tempting to skip washing your car during the heat of summer or when it's very cold out. However, regularly washing your car is a key part of its overall maintenance. Most industry experts recommend washing your car once a week.

Your car is constantly hammered by a variety of environmental hazards. Some examples include bird droppings, insect splatters, and dirt. If these are allowed to linger on your car's exterior, they can permanently damage the paint. You can prevent this by regularly washing your car. This is a great way to protect your car's resale value.

Another area that is frequently forgotten during car washing is the car's undercarriage. This area is frequently exposed to compounds like salt which can degrade the structure and cause rust. Remember to use a car wash that washes the undercarriage or to reach it yourself if handwashing to prevent these issues.

Regular car washing is the perfect way to protect your new car and keep it shinny and new.

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